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About Us

We asked our customers this question: What do you need?

Manicured Lawns Framed by Mulch

Time and time again, they said: “make it easy for us to have manicured lawns and beautiful landscapes that stand out and add value to our customers and guests.” We promise to deliver manicured lawns and beautiful landscapes that stand out. We call it “Make An Impression “and it is a lot more than a slogan.

Make An Impression is our Promise to area businesses and homeowners and all our associates make sure we deliver on it.  Our commercial and residential landscaping associates are trained in the Landscape Management Certification Program from Auburn University.  Our management and supervisors as well as many of our associates have been tested and are certified by the program.

Workers Performing Maintenance Based on Training

Training is just the beginning. Keeping our Promise is the application of the training. To involve all associates in using their training to Make An Impression on our clients and their visitors, our field associates use a comprehensive checklist to review each job before and as they work. They identify opportunities to Make An Impression from picking up even small pieces of trash before mowing to using the right mower for each situation. When they identify opportunities that require additional services, they notify our clients.

That’s not the end of the story. Associates who help to Make An Impression are recognized internally and their efforts are posted on our web site and social media. They are the heroes in our company. Look for examples of their work on our Making An Impression link. Licenses are commercial and residential lawn-care professionals hold include landscape designer, contractor, ornamental turf, pest supervisor, fertilizer application and pesticide application.