Chilli thrips, mites and Florida wax scale spotted in August

Photos by Chazz Hesselein, ACES   Inspection Report Week of August 15, 2016 Phytophthora root rot was diagnosed in boxwoods at two locations. Florida wax scale was seen in various stages of development including crawlers (left) and the early cameo stage, as well as adult scale not producing eggs and crawlers yet. This might indicate…Read More

Redbanded Thrips Strike Again!

Pests seen recently: mites on Italian cypress; chilli thrips heavily attacking pieris, mahonia bealii, camellia sasanqua, and nandina, also seen on oakleaf hydrangea; redheaded flea beetles heavily feeding on loropetalum, sweet olive, hydrangea, and ‘Sky Pencil’ holly; flea beetles (small black ones) feeding on 3G crapemyrtles. Redbanded thrips are showing up all over on azaleas….Read More

Another Darn Thrips…

      This week, redbanded thrips were found in a home landscape in west Mobile. Some shadows are involved in the left one looking lighter, but the difference was obvious when looking at them, just like last week’s picture in a nursery. The bleaching was not as bad in the landscape, but symptoms were…Read More

Watch Out For Whiteflies in June

Pests seen this week: Heavy mites and juniper paria in Andorra juniper, mildew and cercospora on hydrangea, redheaded flea beetle feeding on Carissa holly, powdery mildew on crapemyrtles. First stage Florida wax scale was seen sprinkled (one to a few per plant) across beds of gardenia. These scale were very small but showed up well…Read More

Getting Your Yard Ready for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season just beginning, now is the perfect time to review and update your hurricane preparedness plans – and that includes taking preventive steps with yard maintenance. This will give you a head start on final preparations should a storm be named, so you can focus on safeguarding your home and evacuating if necessary….Read More