Getting Your Yard Ready for Hurricane Season

Stormy WeatherWith hurricane season just beginning, now is the perfect time to review and update your hurricane preparedness plans – and that includes taking preventive steps with yard maintenance. This will give you a head start on final preparations should a storm be named, so you can focus on safeguarding your home and evacuating if necessary.

Preventive Yard Maintenance Tips for Hurricane Season

As anyone who lives in Mobile or Baldwin county in Alabama knows, preparing for hurricane season is not something that should be taken lightly. Important lawn and landscaping steps for southern Alabama residents to take in advance of hurricane season include:

  • Cut back your trees, being sure to remove any week branches that come into contact with your home, garage, shed or any other buildings on your property.
  • Assess tree health and have removed any with diseased roots or other root problems that could make them particularly susceptible to wind damage during a hurricane.
  • Thin foliage in a manner that will allow wind to easily flow through the branches, as this reduces the likelihood that your plants and trees will be uprooted during a storm.
  • Remove all tree and foliage trimmings from your yard right away, placing it on the curb for timely trash pick-up based on your local schedule (assuming there is not a hurricane watch or warning in effect) or otherwise disposing of it in a safe manner. This will help keep you from being in a situation where you end up facing a hurricane warning with a stockpile of debris in your yard.
  • Survey your yard for other items that could pose a risk during a storm, properly disposing of any that are broken or otherwise unneeded (such as damaged lawn furniture that you will not repair, old lumber, etc.).
  • Make a plan for storing or tying-down other outdoor items that should not stay outdoors during a storm (such as lawn and patio furniture, planters, lawn ornaments, grill, etc.). Your plan should specify where these items will be tied or stored in the event a hurricane watch or warning issued and who is responsible for doing so.

Free Printable Checklist

We have created a handy free printable checklist of key preventive measures that you should take at the beginning of hurricane season, to help make sure that your yard has been properly maintained in advance of any storm that may threaten your local area.

Simply click here to print the checklist or save it to your computer. We suggest keeping it with your hurricane preparedness plan or any other documents you have related to preparing for hurricane season. Get in the habit of following the steps on it in late May or early June every year, and you’ll be right on target with preventive yard maintenance for hurricane season!