Watch Out For Whiteflies in June

Pests seen this week: Heavy mites and juniper paria in Andorra juniper, mildew and cercospora on hydrangea, redheaded flea beetle feeding on Carissa holly, powdery mildew on crapemyrtles. First stage Florida wax scale was seen sprinkled (one to a few per plant) across beds of gardenia. These scale were very small but showed up well against the dark green foliage. Historically in June, strawberry rootworm on azalea has peaked near the middle of the month, citrus leafminer is active on citrus, azalea caterpillars have been seen on azaleas and pieris. On June 10, 2014, a large whitefly migration was reported into some nurseries. The end of June is the time to begin monitoring for rhizoctonia web blight in azaleas in nursery production.

Aphids will build up this month on crapemyrtles. Shiny spots on leaves usually indicate a sapfeeder dropping honeydew.Jub523