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Healthy, Beautiful Flowers and Shrubs

Healthy Flowers and Shrubs

Plant health is vital to landscape beauty. It is also economical because healthy plants don’t have to be replaced or treated with expensive chemicals. Probably the most overlooked component of landscape maintenance, plant health is a priority for JubileeScape professionals. JublieeScape’s associates enhance plant health and beauty through processes recommended by the Landscape Management Certification Program from Auburn University, including:

  • Paying attention to pest identification and control of specific problems rather than using the same treatment for all pests
  • Hand pruning at the right place and at the right time of the year
  • Thinning by hand and at the proper place on the branch or twig so more light reaches the plant interiors and creates a full and healthy appearance
  • Knowing and following the guidelines for plants that should be pruned before spring growth begins and those that should be pruned after flowering as described in the Landscape Management Certification Program from Auburn University
  • Differentiating between dwarf shrubs that require little or no pruning and larger shrubs while pruning
  • Using slow release fertilizers rather than general-purpose fertilizers to extend the release time and avoid burning plants
  • Taking soils test when needed from different locations rather than just one spot