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Healthy, Manicured Lawns Framed by Distinct Borders

healthy-manicured-lawn copyHealthy lawns with an attractive, eye-catching appearance that sets them apart are the result of much more than just mowing the grass as quickly as possible. Proper equipment, sharp blades, proper mowing speeds and patterns, soil testing and care make JubileeScape-maintained lawns and landscapes stand out. JubileeScape landscape professionals achieve a look that can only be described as “manicured” by:

  • Selecting the right equipment for the each site from one of the largest and best maintained inventories of lawn and landscape equipment
  • Inspecting and sharpening blades to ensure sharpness for clean cuts instead of that yellow crushed look from dull blades
  • Mowing at controlled speeds that don’t damage lawns, trees, walkways, bushes, shrubs and edging
  • Using the optimum mowing height for maximum health and appearance of each species of turf grasses
  • Taking the time to do trench edging that lasts for months instead of just cutting a temporary slit in the ground
  • Identifying and properly treating individual pests rather than just using the same treatment for every situation
  • Identifying weeds and applying the proper weed control
  • Using soil analysis to determine soil pH, lime requirements and soil nutrient levels for phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • Following the Landscape Management Certification Program from Auburn University guidelines for plant and grass health