Landscape & Irrigation Design : JubileeScape

Landscape & Irrigation Design

Our design team includes in-house design personnel, consulting landscape architects and certified irrigation design professionals. We can meet your needs no matter how basic or complex. Our staff includes a state of Alabama licensed landscape designer.

We recommend “smart irrigation controllers” for all of our systems. Smart irrigation controllers, as opposed to time-based irrigation controllers, will adjust your sprinkler run times according to the weather.

In hot dry weather the system will provide longer irrigation cycles. In cool, damp weather the run times are decreased to apply only the amount of water needed by the plants. Smart controllers save precious water, eliminate runoff and wasted fertilizer, reduce fungus problems, and keep weeds to a minimum.

Landscape Design

The fact that landscape design is built with living organisms is the most attractive and challenging characteristic of landscape design. Different living plants demonstrate the beauty of life individually and together and have different requirements for healthy life.

JubileeScape designers create landscape design plans with a combination of art and science. They use art to bring out the most beauty at the site. They use science to ensure that this beauty is projected in every season and lasts a long time. Properly chosen and cared for ornamental bushes for example can last for generations.

JubileeScape designers understand how to add value. Eye catching designs can mean more business for restaurants. Inviting entrances to condominiums can help owners relax as they return at the end of a day or arrive for a three-day weekend at the beach. Cool shade can encourage both children and adults to spend more time enjoying the out of doors.

They also know the requirements of plants that thrive in our semi-tropical area and use them for both their natural beauty and because they require less maintenance.

One of the great advantages JubileeScape designers offer clients is help conceiving just what they want for their landscaping. They listen and respond to clients’ ideas.

Irrigation Design

Irrigation system design requires both training and experience. JubileeScape irrigation specialists have both.

They design systems that apply the right amount of water for the right periods of time by taking into consideration such factors as bushes, grades, walkways, trees, pavement, outdoor cooking and eating areas and areas used for frequent recreation.

JubileeScape’s designers personally examine sites carefully and work with clients to achieve the beauty of lawns, trees and plants that make an impression for business or homes. They consider spacing of sprinklers and heads, pipe sizes, and valve locations. They always look for ways to minimize maintenance and provide convenient access for repairs. JubileeScape maintenance crews are always alert for broken sprinkler heads and other damage and see that they are repaired quickly, before significant water is wasted.