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Identify Your Opportunities to Make An Impression

Our supervisors and associates are trained by the Landscape Management Certification Program from Auburn University. They put their training to work for clients with free, on-the-job documented reviews of how they can help Make An Impression with your lawn and landscaping at the beginning of each visit. Opportunities that are frequently noted and acted on include:

  • Changes in plant locations to better adapt to shade and soil conditions
  • Using seasonal color to add interest, sparkle and change
  • Recommending a scheduled, economical watering system or making adjustments to current watering
  • Using slow release fertilizers to improve plant and lawn health and beauty
  • Testing and adjusting soil pH to provide maximum plant and lawn health and beauty
  • Hand pruning plants at the right places to improve their health and beauty and reduce chemical use
  • Using attractive trench edging to set borders, control mulching, build aesthetic values
  • Installing or revitalizing mulch to conserve moisture, provide an even moisture supply, prevent soil cresting, insulate roots from summer heat and winter cold
  • Controlling weeds to improve lawn health and beauty
  • Controlling pests and diseases
  • Recommending plants that thrive on the Gulf Coast
  • Cleaning up trash before mowing
  • Communicating opportunities to Make An Impression to clients
  • Inspecting irrigation systems for leaks, over watering and under watering