Installation : JubileeScape


Design / Build

Planning and implementation are both important. Both should deliver the clients’ hopes for their landscaping and lawns.  Creativity and its practical application are part of all JubileeScape plans.  Implementation also requires creativity and practical application to bring out all the promise of the plans.  At JubileeScape both teams work together to make a long-lasting impression. When JubileeScape associates install plans designed by other firms, they review them carefully with the clients to be sure they deliver the full potential of the property and the plants specified.


Proper planting is vital to making an impression, especially over the long term.

Different plants have different requirements for nutrients, sun and water. Understanding their needs and meeting them during planting results in healthy, beautiful plants. Not understanding or ignoring individual plant requirements leads to unhealthy, unattractive plants and higher maintenance costs or the cost of plant replacement. JubileeScape associates are trained in the requirements for different plants used in our area and have access to experts when they have questions or encounter unusual conditions. They follow the latest recommendations for planting from university studies.

Attention to detail is at the heart of their success in providing beautiful plantings that last for years. At JubileeScape that means helping clients select the right plants for each area, always carrying plants by their root balls or containers, preventing wind exposure during transport, selecting properly drained sites or improving drainage before planting.

They use soil tests to determine the right fertilizers and incorporate them into the surrounding soil not just into the root hole. Root holes are dug wider at the sides to facilitate root growth. Backfilling is done with the same soil removed from the hole. A thorough watering is done to settle the soil. Mulch– especially important in our area because of summer heat and evaporation – is applied before the job is finished. Before they leave the site, JubileeScape associates make sure individual plants and entire plantings look natural.