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Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers that bloom in each season are a gift provided by our semi-tropical climate.

JubileeScape associates deliver the full potential of these seasonal flowers. They know the flowering seasons for plants that thrive in our area and have the experience to highlight each plant’s unique color, texture and size. They consider plant nutritional requirements, sun and shade, soil pH and many other factors as they strategically place seasonal color in the landscape to provide constantly changing beauty for visitors and owners. Their condominium, restaurant and other business owner and manager clients point to JubileeScape’s seasonal color as important ways they distinguish their businesses. JubileeScape homeowner clients love it when friends point out the color in their landscaping..even in the heart of winter.

JubileeScape maintenance crews regularly check the health of plants to make sure they will be at their best during their flowering season.

Fertilizer & Pest Control

To keep landscapes in peak health, JubileeScape associates practice integrated Pest Management (IPM). This practice minimizes use of potentially harmful products. It requires a disciplined approach that includes regular inspections by associates who understand plant, insect and disease life cycles and how to plan well-timed minimal applications only when needed.

Pesticide applicators licensed in Alabama and Florida are on the JubileeScape staff. They supervise landscape pesticide applications. Many products currently used are certified organic. Horticultural oils and soaps are our pesticides of choice. JubileeScape associates are experienced in providing totally organic approaches to pest management.

Mowing and Edging

JubileeScape mowing services help Make An Impression because of excellently maintained equipment and trained, motivated associates. The most important aspect of mowing is sharp blades. Blades are checked for proper sharpness at the beginning of the work day and regularly throughout the day.

Careful care is paid to mower height. Mowers are adjusted to the best height for different types of grasses. JubileeScape’s name-brand mulching mowers return the clippings to the soil to save on fertilizer use and unneeded trips to the landfill.

Pruning and Hedge Shearing

Bad practice in pruning and hedge shearing stands out like a sore thumb. Shrubs and hedges are thick on the top and so thin in the interior you can see through them.

Pruning at the outside of the shrub canopy is the culprit. It causes them to grow so thick at the canopy that vital sunlight can’t penetrate. Diseases and insects proliferate. Just as often hedges are sheared into unnatural appearances that concentrate growth in the top branches, blocking sun and air from the interior. They also must be pruned properly on the inside for health and beauty.

JubileeScape associates are trained to prune and hedge for the both the appearance and the health of plants.

They know that when a shrub’s terminal bud is removed most of the growth that is stimulated extends for only six to eight inches below it, creating a sun and air barrier if pruning is limited to the canopy. They take the time to prune within the canopy so healthy growth can occur throughout the foliage.

JubileeScape associates take the same care with hedges. Rather than creating a growth spurt at the top of the canopy by shearing it quickly to save time they thin hedges by choosing interior branches to cut back to a lateral branch, a lateral bud or the main trunk. New growth follows in the interior of the plant giving it a full, healthy appearance.


Mulch and Weed Control

Fresh mulch with crisp edging, distinctive color and unique texture makes an impression and is also an important component of a healthy landscape. Mulch helps maintain moisture and prevents weed seeds from germinating by shading them from sunlight. When weeds do sprout, they are easier to remove if there is a thick layer of mulch. Decomposing mulch also provides necessary nutrients for plants.

JubileeScape associates know the right kind of mulch and amount of mulch for each situation. They apply it for beauty as it contrasts with green foliage and for the fact it holds moisture during dry spells.

Soil Testing and Interpretation

Soil testing is the Gold Standard of horticulture. It shows JubileeScape associates how to solve problems that frustrated owners and managers for years. JubileeScape associates use soil sampling to identify problems and determine how to fix them. For example, a homeowner replaced the sod on a portion of her lawn several years in a row. By the end of each year the beautiful green new sod was brown and dying. Trimming the trees to let more light reach the turf was suggested by another landscape company. The work was done but the next year the new sod died again. JubileeScape associates took several soil samples, had them tested by Auburn University’s Soil Testing Laboratory and explained the results to the homeowner. After they cured the deficiencies in the soil, the patch of lawn that had been an eye sore for years became a focal point in the owner’s landscaping. At JubileeScape soil testing is inexpensive, results are available in a few days and treatment can start immediately.

Plant Health

Good plant health is vital to making an impression. It is also economical because healthy plants don’t have to be replaced or treated with expensive chemicals. Probably the most overlooked component of landscape maintenance, plant health is a priority for JubileeScape associates. Plant health is reviewed during maintenance visits and in scheduled visits by JubileeScape plant health experts. To view JubileeScape’s criteria for plant health, click on Healthy, Beautiful Flowers and Shrubs on the front page.

Irrigation Maintenance

Existing irrigation systems can present some of the most perplexing problems in this business because they are underground and there are so many unknowns. For an irrigation system to work properly and efficiently, certain engineering and design criteria must be met.

We understand these criteria and are able provide solutions because of our ability to apply our knowledge and years of experience to these problems. Our personnel are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment, wire trackers, electrical fault locaters, remote controls and well stocked service vehicles that allow us to complete repairs promptly, efficiently and with certainty.