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Specialty Services

Horticultural Consulting

The difference between landscapes that Make An Impression and just landscapes comes from knowledge and experience.

JubileeScape associates apply both through horticultural consulting. Their suggestions and the careful ways they carry them out make a big difference in both new landscaping and existing landscaping.

With new landscaping, they learn the sites and the owners’ objectives. Then they suggest unique designs that are beautiful, easy to maintain, long lasting and practical. With existing landscaping, they often make an impression by working with existing shrubs, flowers and grass. For example, they can improve the appearance and health of shrubs, lawns and flowers with the right maintenance techniques such as pruning the inside branches of shrubs and hedges to open up the plants to sun and air and selective use of fertilizers and water. Every situation is unique. Call us about yours.

Weddings, Parties & Other Events (with clean-up)

JubileeScape associates know how to make sure you enjoy weddings, parties and other outdoor events. They are interested in what you want to achieve for your guests and can make it happen with advanced planning, the right equipment such as tables, tents and special features and careful set up, tear down and clean up.

Clients frequently remark that they had as good a time as their guests because JubileeScape associates handled everything they requested and did it with a friendly attitude that contributed to the event.

Storm Clean-up

Thunderstorms and even hurricanes are part of life on the Gulf Coast. JubileeScape associates can clean up and keep them from interfering with your work and home life. JubileeScape associates know landscaping and its value. They have the right equipment and know how to use it so it doesn’t do further damage to lawns, trees and shrubs. They will clean up the mess and restore your landscape quickly and economically.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is serious business. A mature oak limb can weigh thousands of pounds and punch a hole in your roof, driveway or walkway when it falls or is improperly cut off. Safety and prevention of damage to buildings, landscaping and driveways must be priorities. JubileeScape associates work with tree removal experts who know the proper and safe tree removal processes and have the right equipment for almost any job. Working with them means entire trees or heavy limbs are removed safely without any damage to your landscaping, home or other buildings. They don’t stop with just tree removal. They make the sites where trees are removed so attractive you won’t miss them.

Outdoor Kitchens

Guests have congregated in the kitchen for centuries. Today many outdoor kitchens combine the kitchen atmosphere with the beauty of the outdoors.

Modern outdoor kitchens are a great way to cook and entertain in the out-of-doors. They bring families and guests together, add the flavor of outdoor cooking to foods and provide attractive, comfortable seating. Many feature useful and decorative items such as attractive coolers that keep drinks at just the right temperature. They provide shade in the daytime and light at night. In winter they are kept warm with the new easy-to-operate propane heaters. In summer, silent fans keep guests or families cool.

JubileeScape associates work with decorators to design outdoor kitchens that are perfect for every lifestyle. They construct them from materials ranging from chimney bricks dating back 100 years to the latest outdoor appliances and furnishings. As trained landscapers as well as outdoor kitchen experts, JubileeScape outdoor kitchen specialists have a feel for nature’s aesthetics and blend grills, outdoor furnishings and other features into the landscape. Call us for a free consultation.

Centers of Attention

Distinguish your landscaping.

JubilessScape’s special effects experts can help you decide what will set your property apart and make it extra special. They make it easy to decide by showing you special effects they created for other properties so you can see how they enhance the landscaping.

Special effects opportunities are almost endless with JubileeScape. Choices include shaped hedges, waterfalls, railings, bubbling streams, statues, stone steps, attractive pavers in unique patterns, outdoor fireplaces, stone walls, fountains and much more.

Special effects don’t have to be large to be special. Often something small and cozy like a sconce that makes a plain outside wall attractive with seasonal blooms is just the touch that says this landscaping is as special as is the business or home it represents.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees do well in our semi-tropical climate but they need care and are often mistreated by maintenance crews who don’t understand their needs.

For example, JubileeScape associates know that palm trees need a large variety of nutrients to prosper in sandy soils. They use slow release fertilizers specifically designed for palms.

They check for diseases regularly and treat them properly.

They approach pruning with care. In regular pruning only dead fronds are removed; however, there are instances when healthy fronds must be removed to insure the safety of people and automobiles. JubileeScape associates prune live fronds very carefully removing only those that must be removed for safety or clearance reasons.

Drainage Design and Installation

Proper landscape drainage is vital to attractive, healthy plants. It prevents puddled water that can lead to plant disease, erosion that can destroy landscaping and flooding that can damage buildings and hardscapes.

It has two basic components. 1- Design that directs water out of places where it can cause disease or damage. 2- Construction that is effective and lasts for years. JubileeScape associates have the training and experience to make sure both are done well.

Oftentimes JubileeScape associates determine that drainage problems can be fixed very economically. Extension of downspouts so they flow away from buildings, for example, is inexpensive and effective. Using modern irrigation controllers that measure moisture and rain can keep irrigation systems from putting too much water into some areas.