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Spectacular, Seasonal Colors You’ll Notice

In our climate, nature can provide spectacular color in every season. But it takes training and care to bring nature’s built-in beauty to fruition throughout the year. JubileeScape certified landscapers know when plants and grasses are the most beautiful and design and maintain landscapes so they are spectacular at all times of the year. They do this by:

  • Designing landscaping with a mixture of plants and grasses that are beautiful in different seasons and placing them strategically so their effect heightens the appeal of the entire landscape
  • Reviewing flowering times for plants in the landscape and selecting replacement plants that maintain year-round color
  • Describing the colors and shapes to clients so they can visualize the appearance of their landscape as the seasons change
  • Determining where just a few plants with different flowering seasons can be placed to bring color to landscapes that currently only look their best in summer
Seasonal Colors